The sourcing and selling of hotel beds has become increasingly complicated and time consuming for travel companies.

A new report, commissioned by the leading travel technology provider, intuitive breaks down the intricacies of the sector and explores the available options for travel companies that need high-performing technology to access the best hotel rates and availability.

It takes a close look at bedbanks, channel managers, switches, destination management companies, extranets and global distribution systems. It explains what each does and, with contributions from experts in the travel industry, looks at the challenges and opportunities for travel companies of working with these suppliers in an ever-complex market.

It also highlights how intuitive’s reservation system, iVector, can simplify this landscape for Tour Operators, OTAs and Hotel Wholesalers. With their high-performance API, iVectorConnect, travel companies can even stay on their existing platform and still take advantage of their high performing, relevant and extremely capable technology.

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Hotel sourcing and connectivity is essential for most travel businesses, but this is increasingly daunting as it is a technical, complex and competitive landscape. This in-depth report examines how companies get to grips with this area of the industry; we hope that it is both interesting and a practical guide. It also highlights how our iVector system helps provide an easy solution for travel companies that need to access the best hotel rates and availability.”

– Andy Keeley, Commercial Director at intuitive