Tour Operator sectors

Our flexible iVector platform uniquely delivers for all types of Tour Operators; whether you are a high-volume package operator or a highly-tailored luxury itinerary builder. Some of the sectors we specialise in:

– Charter and Package Tour Operators
– Tailor-made and FIT Tour Operators
– Educational, School and Group Tour Operators

Tour Operator systems

The best Tour Operator software is one that strengthens your day-to-day processes, reducing manual operations, increases product access and gives you the tools to service customers better. Everything we have and continue to develop aims to improve the potential of Tour Operators. We put more resources, speed and the ability for greater creativity, personalisation and efficiency at your fingertips.

Tour Operator technology

Being designed in partnership with Tour Operators is what differentiates the iVector system. In real terms this means giving you the operational tools and power to connect with your suppliers for pre-packaged or tailor-made itineraries for your customers.

Customer Testimonials

Kenwood Travel

Brett Collins, Director

At Kenwood Travel, we have nearly doubled the size of our business over 4 years since migrating to the iVector platform. Our ability to access more product and sell complext direct contracts live has been one of the main drivers in this growth. We now carry over 50,000 passengers and over £70 million annually.


Jonny Marsh, Co-Founder and COO

The iVector system is extremely capable and we’ve collaborated on a technical project that takes the best of their technology working alongside the high-performing website we’ve built over the last five years.

Sunway Travel

Philip Airey, Director

The system is extremely capable and we’ve collaborated on a technical project that takes the best of their technology and overlays the core requirements for our charter business.


Blake Alce, Product Manager

We did look at a number of other providers, but intuitive’s product was by far the best offering. The great thing about the intuitive system is that you can pick the modules that you need.

RoomIt by CWT


While RooomIt has the capability to connect to third party content sources, intuitive provides a streamlined capability in its iVector system as well as dedicated knowledge in the hotel connectivity space.

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