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intuitive is the provider of the leading travel technology systems for tour operators, online travel agents and wholesalers. We work with some of the most recognised and well-known brands in the travel industry giving them innovative and scalable solutions in an ever-changing market.

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Progressive and positive

Our talented, solution-driven, team are dedicated to progressing the travel industry through intelligent and agile technology. As the industry changes, so do we, always looking for the best ways to respond. That’s why our powerful software continually enhances the way Tour Operators, OTAs and Hotel Wholesalers operate.

Progressive and positive

Working in partnership

With an experienced and service-focused team, we aim to develop valuable professional relationships. This is how we’ve created an industrial-strength travel technology system that delivers an end-to-end, fast and reliable platform to the travel industry. Providing you with a technical competitive edge in this highly competitive market.

Working in partnership

intuitive careers

Here at intuitive, we value our people and believe that a good work life balance is critical to achieving success. We have worked hard to develop a range of benefits for our staff; from flexible working to health and well-being. We are always trying to offer our staff new and exciting benefits. Click here to find out more.

The leading travel reservation platform for Tour Operators and Online Travel Agents

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Kenwood Travel

Brett Collins, Director

At Kenwood Travel, we have nearly doubled the size of our business over 4 years since migrating to the iVector platform. Our ability to access more product and sell complext direct contracts live has been one of the main drivers in this growth. We now carry over 50,000 passengers and over £70 million annually.


Jonny Marsh, Co-Founder and COO

The iVector system is extremely capable and we’ve collaborated on a technical project that takes the best of their technology working alongside the high-performing website we’ve built over the last five years.

Sunway Travel

Philip Airey, Director

The system is extremely capable and we’ve collaborated on a technical project that takes the best of their technology and overlays the core requirements for our charter business.


Blake Alce, Product Manager

We did look at a number of other providers, but intuitive’s product was by far the best offering. The great thing about the intuitive system is that you can pick the modules that you need.

RoomIt by CWT


While RooomIt has the capability to connect to third party content sources, intuitive provides a streamlined capability in its iVector system as well as dedicated knowledge in the hotel connectivity space.

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