iVector’s advanced system

Our hotel contracting software can handle the most complex rates, supplements, inventory, special offers and minimum stay rules; all enhancing your ability to be competitive. The system provides live, accurate costs and availability for all types of hotel contracts. Additionally, short-term offers and rate overrides are supported enabling you to sell the latest product.

Building valuable relationships

We understand that your time is often spent negotiating with hotels, so our system can efficiently handle all of the rules incorporated within these deals. The efficient loading and management process helps build mutually beneficial relationships that drives sales for you both. That’s why iVector also includes an extranet for hotels to deliver even better deals to you and reduce operational overhead


Experience means we foresee and build functionality to handle all contracting complexities.


iVector gives you the performance and confidence to work efficiently and productively.


Even the trickiest deals are dealt with, giving you clear outcomes to work with.


Our dedicated team has designed contracting software for years, putting reliability first.

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