iVector’s Itinerary Builder module allows you to present the full itinerary, with user-friendly tools to quickly and easily shift components around, ensuring full customisation to match your customer’s needs.

Content management

Experience iVector’s content management capabilities with our suite of features including automatic hotel handling, deduplication, and seamless content import and management. Elevate your conversion rates and drive efficiencies with our Itinerary Builder, enabling you to tailor unforgettable travel experiences for your customers.

Multiple itineraries

Our Itinerary Builder seamlessly integrates with iVector quotes, enabling you to separately store multiple versions of itineraries for the same customer. This allows for easy manipulation of each version before completing the booking.

Empower your agents

iVector allows your agents to handle even the most intricate travel itineraries with ease and efficiency

Improve conversion 

Increase your conversion rates and drive efficiencies with our Itinerary Builder, creating unforgettable holidays for your customers

Get complete control

Adapt to the latest travel trends by giving your customers the holiday they truly want with our drag and drop Itinerary Builder

Trusted provider 

With over 20 years of experience, our team is well-versed in aiding the travel sector, possessing both technical know-how and an in-depth understanding of how the travel industry works.

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