Supplier connectivity 

A solution crafted to enhance your travel business. Enjoy the freedom to optimise and merge offers using dynamically curated inventory from third-parties as well as your own contracts. Use sophisticated rules to move faster – with the ability to instantly reflect market changes and promotions across all channels.

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Hotel Supply

Our iVectorOne API powers the hotel supply within iVector, providing a unified gateway to access all of your accommodation needs. It’s a high-quality, fully managed API solution tailored to integrate flawlessly with iVector, granting you unrivaled control, diverse choice, and the utmost flexibility with your hotel supply.

Direct contracting

Sourcing and managing your direct hotel contracts can be complex, time consuming and expensive. We’ve developed a market-leading unique, modular solution to load and manage your direct contracts and inventory, offering significantly faster loading times and accurate data loading, combined with world-beating search and booking performance.

Channel Managers

We have made it easier than ever before to connect to Channel Manager platforms and work in the way you and the hoteliers want to.  You can add and manage any channel management platform effortlessly, without the hassle of handling multiple integrations.

Comprehensive platform

iVector includes supplier confirmations, a hotel extranet and a high-performance cache build to allow you to keep pace with the ever-changing hotel landscape.

Market-leading solution

iVector gives you market-leading sourcing capabilities, with a contracting tool that’s as fast and powerful as your business

Hotel supply consolidation

iVector gives you a unique solution to optimise the management of your hotel supply across three sourcing channels: direct contracts, bedbanks and channel managers

Increased efficiencies

Efficient, accurate and easy to use solution, as fast and powerful as your business. iVector will help you drive efficiencies in both time and resources needed

Trusted provider 

For more than 20 years, we’ve been supporting the travel sector, with our expert team equipped with both technical expertise and a profound understanding of the travel industry.

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