Package-building technology

Our powerful, dynamic packaging software has been specially designed so that you can provide customers with a comprehensive choice helping them source their perfect package holiday. Combined with detailed business rules and yield management, our live or cached packages are always competitive, accurate and bookable.


iVector provides an industrial strength package cache builder . Whether you’d like to offer broad product searches or calendar prices and availability, it offers the potential to build and update millions of options daily. Be it from internally or externally sourced product.


With iVector you and your customers can select a base package then customise the itinerary and compare multiple versions. This efficient quoting process helps deliver conversions whilst saving time. Whether in the call centre or online, this intuitive functionality helps deliver personalised and creative holiday options.


iVector gives your business the ability to seamlessly provide the best options in one place.


Move with the current trends in travel, by giving your customers the control they really want.


Dynamic packaging is a key element of iVector that works alongside all other iVector features.


Fast, relevant and live search results create reliable and appealing customer packages.

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