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We launched DealFinder in 2020 to meet our customer’s and the market’s need to improve customer experience when searching for holidays online. We developed this super-fast caching solution to service a breadth of content coupled with near-instant search with average response times under 300ms. DealFinder is suitable for OTAs and Tour Operators.

Thomas Cook and Mercury Holidays integrated DealFinder to power their primary search for dynamically packaged “flights and hotels.” To read their press releases, please click on the following links: Thomas Cook and Mercury Holidays

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DealFinder is a constantly evolving roadmap driven product, what product enhancements are currently being evaluated?

We are constantly updating our product development roadmap based on feedback from our customers and internal product specialists. We have recently launched our “cache build optimiser” which has reduced overnight cache build times by over 50%.

Future enhancements include “smart cache” which optimally builds the cache with the best calculations as the seasons and product change.

For a full published list please contact our sales team by emailing  sales@intuitivesystems.co.uk who will be happy to discuss DealFinder with you in more detail.

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