A complex landscape just got simpler

The efficient management and integration of hotel supply is vital for most travel companies. Our iVectorRooms system offers a unique, modular solution to the complex landscape of hotel supply whilst working alongside your existing reservation system.

iVectorRooms is a hotel contracting, channel manager and 3rd party integration system for Tour Operators, OTA, Wholesalers and Business Travel companies. A high-performing system to optimise all aspects of how you manage your hotel supply

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Watch our new video to find out more about how iVectorRooms can help you. A system designed to future-proof your hotel supply. iVectorRooms offers a unique, modular solution to the complex landscape of hotel supply for Tour Operators, OTAs, Wholesalers and Business Travel Companies.


Access the product you need

iVectorRooms gives you live access to all the product you need: direct contracts, channel managers and a vast array of third-party integrations. Our system enables you to put more product on sale quickly and accurately.

Integrate into your existing platform

We offer multiple, simple integration options into your existing reservation platform – our search and book API, continually building, incremental super-fast cache, or a push of the full contract details.

Why iVectorRooms?

This is the simplest way to upgrade your software without overhauling your whole reservation platform. A modular solution that optimises all aspects of how you manage your hotel supply. Enhancing your buying capabilities will provide your customers with wider accommodation choice and availability. iVectorRooms alleviates the complexities of sourcing product enabling you to focus on developing and managing your core business.

Why iVectorConnect?

Who is iVectorRooms for?

The iVectorRooms system is developed for Tour Operators, Online Travel Agents and Hotel Wholesalers. Select your area of interest below.

Who is iVectorConnect for?

Need a complete travel reservation system? Try iVector.

For our most comprehensive system, explore the complete iVector product. Our full reservation platform offers innovative end-to-end functionality that supports all aspects of your business. The most complete and connected platform on the market, it delivers direct contracting, dynamic packaging, detailed reporting, CMS and fulfilment in a stable, business enhancing platform.

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